Traumatic brain injury – Dave

After a cycling accident I was unconscious and in hospital for months. I had broken ribs that could have caused internal damage to major organs. I had a fractured skull and other broken bones, including a broken shoulder. But the worst damage resulted in traumatic brain injury. I also realised my sight, hearing and balance were affected too when I came out of coma. My family had been warned that if I lived, I may never be myself again. I am alive because of God in so many ways.

Many Christians have been graciously praying for me and my family since day 1. I want to be real here. Am I completely healed? No. Would I be alive without this prayer, again a very real; No! How do I know? It’s more than just recovery against the odds but also the journey of faith I have been on. I am beginning to see that truly bad things, whilst they are being experienced, can result in a better long term good. The prayer journey with God is vital.

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