Ménières Disease – Jenny

Jenny, A very good friend of ours was diagnosed with an illness called Ménières Disease, which is a disorder of the inner ear that causes you to feel as if you’re spinning (vertigo), with ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and deteriorating, permanent hearing loss. This is a long term, progressive illness with no cure.

Jenny had already been suffering badly with the illness for 1.5 years when I felt called to fast and pray for her, having got a deep sense of compassion from God to take up her battle – it didn’t feel right that she was suffering as it had affected her in many ways: time off work, banned from driving, and the inevitable emotional battles.

Thursday 14 July 2016: I did a 1 day fast, ending with a prayer run 7.40-9.45pm

As I started praying for her I got a picture of lots of train track, winding and curving and doing loop the loops like a rollercoaster. This developed into seeing Jenny being taken where she didn’t want to go, strapped in tightly and rigid. It was a horrible, forced ride, sometimes very fast, and I got a real sense of the awfulness of this experience for her – feeling trapped and unable to get off.

I asked God if the next step should be to destroy the ride or get her off, and he showed me that I have the authority to stop the ride by my command, in Jesus’ name. This was a wonderful realisation for me – that God has given me such verbal authority, and I was in awe of this privilege. The Bible says ‘whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven’.

Then I got a lovely picture – I held out my hand to take Jenny’s, to help her out of the seat of the ride. This was an emotional moment, because it’s a massive thing for Jenny to finally be free and out of the grip of Ménières.

I asked God if I should destroy the ride, and he showed me a very heavy sledgehammer with a short handle, which made me laugh out loud because I knew what was coming.

I saw the word Ménières written in curly French handwriting – this signified the rollercoaster track route, up and down each letter, even the accents, with a loop the loop on every ‘e’. The name itself seemed to signify the awful experience of vertigo and sickness.

The track stood about a foot tall, so I stood over it with my short sledge-hammer. I pictured the letter M and slammed down the sledge-hammer, smashing it up in one fatal blow. I continued with each letter, taking my time and making sure each was destroyed. This was a very powerful 10 minutes of action.

Next I saw the grey metal of the roller coaster being melted, and got the word ‘foundry’ – God’s melting shop where he reshapes things for his glory.

The Bible verse came to me very clearly ‘all things work together for good for those who love God’, and I looked forward to seeing what would become of this molten metal.

I popped in to see Jenny soon after this powerful prayer run, to share what had happened and to encourage her that God was moving, and to hope that the results would soon be seen in Jenny’s health.

Sunday 7th August 2016 12.15-2pm: Prayer run near Bourg St Maurice, French Alps.

As I ran past the electric power station I passed beneath the first pylon, and God showed me clearly that this central pylon was what he had forged out of the molten metal from the Ménières ride. The pylon represented Jenny, and it was providing power for a number of other pylons in the wider area. Out of this illness, God will use Jenny to empower others, and have a far-reaching influence in her ministry. To complete the beautiful picture, God is the power station and the pylon is built on solid rock, which is the truth of the Bible on which Jenny bases her life.

These experiences in prayer really increased our faith to believe that the battle was won in heaven and that, in his perfect timing, he would bring forth this healing for her.

Over the ensuing 1.5 years Jenny continued to experience ups and downs in her health caused by frequent unexpected vertigo attacks, often requiring her husband to come to her assistance with a wheel chair to take her home. During this unpredictable time Jenny continued in close fellowship with God, believing her healing would come, despite evidence to the contrary. She would still insist God was good, although many times she did question WHY she had been struck down with this condition.

Despite being unwell, she returned to work, having a grant for taxi journeys to her office 20 miles from home. These journeys proved to be real blessings as she would often talk about Jesus with the Muslim taxi drivers. She even saw a Muslim driver healed from a stomach condition after he had asked for prayer.

Many people in addition to myself had been praying for Jenny. In June 2017, almost a year after my prayer victory, a new breakthrough came. Jenny’s fuzzy head finally cleared, leaving her with no symptoms at all! She began to wean herself off the 9 tablets a day, and remained symptom free for a couple of years, taking no tablets and getting her driving licence back with no restrictions.

We are now seeing the outworking of God’s promises to her regarding the influence of an electricity pylon. This has since been confirmed by an American Christian that she met, who told her these words, without knowing anything of Jenny’s story:

‘It is no longer ok to sit and watch time go by. God is calling you to rise up and embrace the talents you have to impact thousands of people. You were born with a purpose to set people free from pain. The Lord has chosen you to cause a shift in today’s culture. You are going to do amazing things that are good and helpful to many people’.

Recently however, she has experienced sporadic Ménières attacks and so the battle and journey continue, remaining in close relationship with her father in heaven through these difficult times.