A stiff neck – Anna

We popped in to see my sister-in-law after work, and she said had had a stiff neck all day, almost unable to move it even when she turned her whole body round to compensate. I had not had a good day at work but I decided I couldn’t ignore God if he was prompting me to pray for her. I spent a few minutes considering the issue, getting right with God after a difficult day, and I told my wife, who just said ‘are you sure?’ knowing that, because this was her sister, it was important to get it right and not embarrass us or her!

She said yes when I offered prayer, and my wife and I prayed for her. She was healed immediately, expressing huge surprise and constantly turning her neck around to check it was indeed healed. She did this for a good hour afterwards, which was the cue for me to say ‘well, Jesus is alive and this is how he is showing you that he loves you’.

Never underestimate the power and love of God! We only have to be willing and brave…