A stiff neck – Anna

We stopped off at Anna’s, my sister-in-law, on the way home from work one Friday evening, and you can always tell straight away when someone has a stiff neck! This had annoyed her all day, and she had to turn her whole body round to compensate. I had had a difficult day at work and was feeling low, but I really wanted her to be healed. I spent a few minutes drawing near to God’s love to help me feel better. I decided that I couldn’t walk away from her house without offering to pray for her, because I think being a Christian should mean something relevant and powerful. Even if there is no obvious healing, we have shown her that we love her and care about her.
Anna said yes when I offered to pray for her, and my wife and I laid a hand on her neck. She was fully healed during the prayer, which really surprised her. She spent the next hour constantly turning her neck to check all the pain had gone. I was so pleased that God had shown her that he is still doing miracles, and I just said ‘well, Jesus is alive and he loves you’.