Our daughter Livvy

Living with Cystic Fibrosis

Livvy fordLivvy is in her early twenties and has Cystic Fibrosis, diabetes and liver disease. When she was in her early teens, I decided with God’s help to start praying for her, initially just to keep her well. Then I discovered God’s compassion for her situation, and how he wanted me to keep praying for her. This grew my faith to believe for full healing. We have an amazing story to tell about how he continues to fuel our prayers, and how this prayer journey is transforming all our lives.

    • When her friends or others prayed for her healing, and she didn’t get healed, God showed us that ‘every prayer knocks some bricks out of the wall’.

  • God has led us to many wonderful victories of healing over all her lung infections so far, such as Mycobacterium Abscessus and Pseudamonas.
  • When she was admitted to hospital for 2 weeks during Christmas 2016 with a low lung function, the Consultant expected her to have an infection to treat. I fasted and prayed for her and experienced a moving victory: after 2 days she was allowed to go home with no bacteria to treat and her consultant saying that he was ‘confused’.
  • Livvy really does live out a close relationship with God and Jesus whilst coping with her serious illness. She is always thankful for God’s sustaining love and power in her life, even when she questions why certain difficult things happen. She also wants to be fully healed, and it’s such a pleasure for me to work with God towards this goal.

John (Dad)